Elite Marketing Pro Review
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Elite Marketing Pro Review – Is Elite Marketing Pro really an elite marketing system?

If you’ve been around internet marketing or network marketing for some time you’ve come across Magnetic Sponsoring, Mike Dillard and Tim Erway. If you don’t know who these guys are or what magnetic sponsoring is you can check out my post Magnetic Sponsoring review.




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My Special Bonuses

 Game Changers

Magnetic Sponsoring was a game changer that helped numerous internet entrepreneurs and network marketers achieve huge successes. And the guys at Magnetic Sponsoring just may have done it again with Elite Marketing Pro!
It seems that Tim Erway and his team at magnetic sponsoring are doing everything in their power to make you as successful as possible. How? They’re doing literally 99% of the work for you and basically handing you a business in a box. I know we’ve all heard the “business in a box” hype before but if you stick with me you’ll understand that this may just be more than hype!

Elite Marketing Pro Overview

• 100% commissions on all Magnetic Sponsoring products.
• Build your own list using the full suite of Magnetic Sponsoring capture pages (along with customizable capture pages)
• Multiple streams of Residual income
• Build “YOUR” brand – name and website in all Magnetic Sponsoring products sold through your funnels
• Follow up – email, phone, mail to close sales for “YOU”


It’s all in the Follow up

Did you see the last bullet point? Do you get how powerful that is? Basically the creators of the original online system of attraction marketing will follow up for you! With Elite Marketing Pro you not only get 100% commissions, co-branding and multiple streams of income. You also get a full sales team calling and mailing to your list and converting sales for you! Your only job is to drive traffic to your own sales funnels. Don’t know how to drive traffic? Elite Marketing Pro has training and support to help you every step of the way. It seems they have done everything in their power to help you NOT to fail!

Don’t believe the HYPE?

We’ve all read the hype of “push button” instant millionaire programs and systems where all you have to do is pull out your credit card and you’ll wake up the next day with a fatter bank account. So before you brush off Elite Marketing Pro as the next all HYPE system, if you haven’t already, watch the video above as I do a quick Elite Marketing Pro review.


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To Your Success,

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P.S. Did you see all the bonuses I’m giving away for joining Elite Marketing Pro? Check them out here: Elite Marketing Pro Bonuses

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12 Responses to “Elite Marketing Pro Review”

  1. This is something I’m definitely looking to use as an alternative to coaching. So many of my prospects could benefit from this.

    • Eddie Miller says:

      Elite Marketing Pro is a very good program and your prospects can learn a lot from all the creative minds working on and in this program :)

  2. Sounds like an awesome program. I like the followup the offer. Can’t wait to use the system.

    • Eddie Miller says:

      The program is great with some really awesome support and training. If you follow the steps and stay consistent I don’t think you’ll be disappointed :)

  3. So far I am extremely impressed with the quality of the content and everyone involved… Highly recommend this product to anyone, regardless of Online Marketing experience and background… Great Review as well :)

    • Eddie Miller says:

      Thanks Boyd. I agree Elite Marketing Pro is a great product for new and experienced marketers alike.

  4. Will this work for empower network?

    • Eddie Miller says:

      Yes, Elite Marketing Pro can help with EN. It can help promote any product, service or opportunity online even if you don’t have much experience with internet marketing. There’s great traffic generating strategies and training for all levels of marketers from beginners to seasoned pros.

  5. Hi
    I am an independent distributor with Forever Living products and very interested in this product. Can I use the Elite Marketing Pro for my Forever business and any other MLM or is it meant to be a standalone business on its own? I am new to this and still wondering if it can help me with my Forever Business.

    • Eddie Miller says:

      Yes, Elite Marketing Pro can work to help you generate leads for ANY MLM business as well as a standalone business. EMP is a system that can help you generate multiple streams of income.

  6. hi Eddy…great review on ELP! Im also part of this great opportunity and very excited that many of the top internet marketers in the industry are promoting elite marketing pro. So many companies now offering 100% commissions…but no one has been around longer and more successful then Mike Dillard and his team at magnetic sponsoring. All the best to you and your team!

    • Eddie Miller says:

      Thanks Joey! You’re right Elite Marketing Pro is a great marketing program created by the guys that mentored some of the best in the industry.


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