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Free MLM Leads -The Price You Pay

If you go online looking for free MLM leads, chances are- you will be sure to find plenty of offers!  A quick search on Google, Yahoo or another search engine is sure to yield plentiful results that attempt to direct you to sites that offer “free MLM leads.”

If you venture to one or more of these sites, you will quickly learn that the process to obtain your free MLM leads is actually pretty simple.  You will be prompted to fill out a short form that will ask for your name and email address.  Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email containing a link so you can download your free MLM leads.


 How to Generate high quality leads on a budget


The Price of “Free”

As you begin to download your 5,000 free mlm leads, your excitement will grow and you will probably be very anxious to get started!  Don’t be blinded by the dollar signs, though!  Just what is it that you have received, anyway?

More than likely, the free MLM leads that you receive are not qualified, not aimed at your target audience and it is possible that you may even find your own name on the list!  All leads are not created equal and there is little point in gaining all of these free MLM leads if they can be of little or no use to you.  After all, time is money.

As you may know by now, or will soon learn, lead generation is a challenging and time-consuming process.  So, why would someone just hand them over at no cost?

Chances are they won’t.

What Really Happens

When you sign up for your free MLM leads, you are probably actually just signing yourself up to be a potential target for countless free lead corporations and in return, you will soon find your inbox flooded with unwanted emails.  That’s the “free” business!

Generate Your Own, Quality Free MLM Leads!

Although it will take some time, generating high-quality leads yourself does not have to be difficult.  One of the most common ways to generate free MLM leads is to write articles about what you are marketing that addresses the concerns of your audience.

Article writing allows the leads to come to you and eliminates the hunting.  It is the surefire way to get free MLM leads.

Some of the key points to article writing are:
•    Use  Google keyword tool to find out what people are researching
•     Choose a topic with lower competition and offer the audience your experience
•    Write 500-800 word articles and become a regular contributor- offering your audience your experience.   Market your product last, after people have learned to like and trust you.
•    Use your key word in the title, first sentence or two, throughout the body and in closing
•    Place a call to action at the end of your article to lead people to your website
•    Spin or rewrite articles and submit to other sites to maximize usage

Now that you have written your articles, it is time to find an audience.  Social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin are a great place to start.  Blogs and forums are also sure to get you the exposure you are looking for.

If you want high quality free MLM leads you will not find them by going through a mlm lead company. The best free mlm leads are the ones you generate yourself. Learn how you can generate you’re own exclusive, high quality FREE mlm leads consistently on auto-pilot. Click Here to find out how.


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